Invisalign- How do I get started?

Convenient. Effortless. Transformative

What is Invisalign

Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces; perfect for people on the go. It is a series of programmed aligners that move the teeth into a predetermined position to achieve your best look and function.

It is perfect for all ages- from children to adults, especially those who are self conscious about orthodontic treatment later in life and want a solution that is discreet.

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Record Taking

We take a digital scan of the mouth as well as x-rays of the teeth to record a starting point.

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Using the latest advances in software and technology, your tooth movements are programmed into a series of aligners.

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Delivery of Aligners

Your aligners are delivered and some adjustments may be made to the teeth to allow the aligners to work best. You will also be told how to wear the aligners for best results.

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We set up a treatment schedule where we check the progress of your treatment, make adjustments of teeth and give well needed encouragement

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