Meet Our Doctors

The practice of dentistry is constantly evolving and therefore we too are constantly evolving and growing so we may be of the best service to you.

Dr. Sophia Beecher

Dental Surgeon

"One of the things I love about dentistry is the ability to rebuild people's confidence simply by improving their smile"

Dr. Beecher graduated with honours from the University of the West Indies (U.W.I  St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago) .
She then received her post graduate certificate in  Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) from the Lutheran Medical Centre in Brooklyn New York.

She has been working at Kasdent since 2011.  In addition to remaining current with the newest dental trends she obtained a certificate of merit for completing a fellowship in orthodontic aligners and she is a certified doctor with INVISALIGN.

Dr. Beecher has an unwavering passion for dentistry and believes and tries to impart to patients that the health of the mouth has a tremendous impact on overall health and that conversely one's overall health affects their oral health as well.

She is caring and family oriented which translates to a natural affinity for dealing with the most anxious patients including children and special groups who may require extra patience and care. Her meticulous attention to detail is also evident in her love of complex cosmetic and rehabilitative procedures.

She is a firm believer in giving of one's self and  participates in many community service activities to educate and assist those in underserved areas.

Dr. Farah Budall

Dental Surgeon

"I love dentistry because I get to change the way people view visiting the dentist"

Dr. Budall is a graduate of the University of the West Indies U.W.I (St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago).  She also received a post graduate certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) from the Lutheran Medical Centre in Brooklyn New York.

Inspired by her admiration for her childhood dentist, love for dental visits, and deep desire to help others, she decided from a very early age that this would be her career path.

This inspiration remains with her today as she endeavors to create a similar feeling for her patients. With her gentle and reassuring demeanor, along with her attention to detail, she works well with all patients, especially those who are very anxious, and she has a special love for children. She is also passionate about patient education and tries to encourage all patients to achieve optimal oral health.

Outside of work, she is actively involved in the Children’s & Youth Ministries of her church.

Dr. Chevaun Johnson

Dental Surgeon

" Dentistry is a passion; being able to change just one person's smile wakes me up in the morning"

Dr. Johnson graduated from Sichuan University in China with his doctor of dental surgery degree. 

He has a genuine love for dentistry and interacting with people. His fluent Mandarin  also helps him interact with ease with the growing Chinese population in Jamaica.

Beyond his work in private practice, Dr. Johnson is actively involved in community outreach programs and dental health initiatives aimed at promoting oral wellness and improving access to quality dental care for underserved populations.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Johnson enjoys traveling and is an avid film watcher.

Dr. Tanya Perry

Dental Surgeon

"I love changing lives by changing smiles"

Dr. Perry is a graduate of the University of the West Indies  (U.W.I  St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago ) and has been with Kasdent since 2003. She is also a former president of the Jamaica Dental Association (JDA)

She may seem quiet or even understated but she secretly is a powerhouse of dentistry!

Her attentiveness and meticulousness makes her ideal for more complex and intricate cosmetic procedures and she in fact has an impressive repertoire of complex rehabilitative cases.

She also transitions to teaching mode effortlessly with both patients and dental colleagues alike because of her patience and willingness to impart her wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Perry transforms with children! Her quietness becomes animation and talkativeness. Her motherly instinct helps put children immediately at ease and they love her for her silliness and willingness to approach them at their level.

Dr. Chantol Pringle

Dental Surgeon

"I find joy in taking care of persons and helping them to improve their quality of life through the care I give them"

Dr. Pringle graduated with FIRST CLASS HONOURS from the University of Technology (U-Tech) Dental School.

She is highly motivated and has a very inquiring mind. She enjoys working with patients of all ages, is meticulous about her work and enjoys doing a wide range of general dental procedures.

Through her experience in the public service she developed an understanding of the need to educate patients on the importance of their dental health and feels encouraged when she accomplishes this.

She also firmly believes in giving back to the community and thus participates in several volunteer activities within her community and church.